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About the Youth Representatives Program


  • Create opportunities for youth to learn about local government and civics in a hands-­­on way;

  • Give students opportunities to volunteer in meaningful ways;

  • Enhance students' college applications;

  • Better engage parents & peers in community issues; and

  • Demonstrate our City's commitment to youth by giving them a voice in decisions.



CBC continues to work with GMHS staff and students, including civics teachers, guidance counselors, student government, and students in civics courses, as well as the community at large to promote this opportunity.



All high school students living in Falls Church City are eligible to apply, including homeschooled and private school students. • Sophomores are especially encouraged to apply so students can volunteer during their junior year. • Students who may not have had leadership opportunities are encouraged to apply, and the selection process focuses on interest, commitment and potential rather than past achievements.



Students can apply with a simple application focused on what the student hopes to contribute and to get out of the experience of serving as a Youth Representative, as well as how they will share what they learn with others. • Applicants are asked to attend a meeting of the Boards & Commissions, or civic group, for which they wish to be considered prior to being selected. • Applications will be available by April 1st on our Youth Reps website each year.

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