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Its campaign season in The Little City

CBC Council Candidate Forum - recorded 10/19/23

News Release: June 20, 2023 Citizens for a Better City Announces Candidate Integrity Pledge Since its founding more than 60 years ago, Citizens for a Better City (CBC) has been a consistent force in promoting responsible local government, outstanding public schools, and citizen involvement. Critically important to these basic principles have been regular elections for the City Council and School Board that have been accessible to all citizens, affordable, and local in character. In recent years, however, as national special interests have made incursions into local politics around the country – and, for the first time in Falls Church in the 2021 election cycle – it has become clear that our City’s elections are not immune to such influences. Alarmed by this situation – and to assure the ongoing opportunity for citizens of all economic circumstances to seek City-wide offices and maintain the spirit of locally controlled good government – CBC has developed a Candidate Integrity Pledge, which all City Council and School Board candidates will be asked to sign. The Pledge is comprised of two commitments: a Candidate Civility section stating that the signatory will campaign with the interests of all Falls Church citizens uppermost in mind and treat other candidates with respect; and, a Campaign Funding portion that asks candidates to support their campaigns only with contributions from individuals and interests within our borders (excepting close family and longtime friends). The full text of the Pledge, along with a summary of frequently asked questions, are available in the Document Center of this website . The Pledge has been reviewed and is supported by a number of local civic organizations, including: The League of Women Voters, Falls Church Forward, Falls Church Democratic Committee, and Bike Falls Church. As of this date, all four candidates for the City Council – Letty Hardi (incumbent), Tim Stevens, Justine Underhill, and Erin Flynn – and School Board incumbent, Jerrod Anderson, have said they support and will sign the Pledge; other current City Council (Debbie Hiscott and Caroline Lian) and School Board members (Laura Downs and Tate Gould) have also expressed their support. (A full list of supporting organizations and individuals can also be found on the CBC website).  Now that the deadline for candidates to file for the 2023 School Board and City Council has passed, we will be asking the declared candidates to formally sign the Pledge. Acknowledging this landmark event, CBC President, Hal Lippman, noted: “We are proud that throughout our City’s history, campaigns have been conducted by-and-large in accordance with the highest standards, earning the respect and admiration of its neighbors. We sincerely hope this Candidate Integrity Pledge will help keep this stellar reputation intact.” Download and Read the Candidate Integrity Pledge Download and Read the Integrity Pledge FAQ List of 2023 Integrity Pledge Supporters

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